Dog Bite: $25k Settlement

Eight year-old girl visiting a neighbor’s home bent down to pet Peek-a-Poo dog. As she bent down to pet the dog a second time, the dog, jumped up and nipped her on the lip causing four small lacerations, requiring 16 sutures to close. The injuries healed well, but there were small faint scars remaining. $25,000 settlement.

Auto: $250k Settlement

Rear-end auto collision. 24 year-old wife and mother was driver who suffered post-traumatic facial palsy, requiring surgery. Permanent nerve damage. $250,000 settlement (defendants’ insurance policy limits).

Auto: $150k Settlement

73 year-old retiree suffering from senile dementia, was struck by a municipal vehicle, while riding his bicycle in an urban area. Disputed liability. $150,000 settlement reached through facilitation.

Auto: $200k Settlement

28 year-old wife and mother driving in a funeral procession struck broadside by an inattentive motorist. Multiple injuries. Settled bodily injury claim for $100,000 (defendants’ insurance policy limits). Also litigated dispute between victim and her No-Fault Auto Insurer for an additional $100,500 in wrongfully denied benefits.

Dog Bite: $10k Settlement

55 year-old man walked onto next-door neighbor’s property to alert him to the presence of drainage tiles between the two homes, so neighbor’s moving truck did not drive over the area and break the tiles. As he spoke with his new neighbor, the man’s German Shepherd ran out of the house and charged the visitor. In an effort to protect himself, visitor turned his back on the dog. The dog bit him on the back resulting in deep bruising and puncture marks to the skin at the beltline. There was no permanent residual scarring. $10,000 settlement.

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